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so far the best paint edgers in the world and they really work

Accubrush DIY MX Paint Edger

with a free paint tray and instructional DVD to help you paint your home

Accubrush DIY MX Saver Kit

Accubrush DIY MX Jumbo Kit

with an extra roll and brush to keep you going longer

with 2 extra rollers and 2 extra brushes for better results

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Accubrush XT Jumbo Kit

Accubrush Professional XT Kit

fast and efficient way to do all the edging with ease

but without ladder

the top of the range package

for maximum performance

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SOLD OUTAccubrush_XT_Edger_Painting_Tool.html
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Accubrush Refill Brushes

Accubrush Refill Rollers

Accubrush Refill Kit

set of two washable and reusable quality rollers for MX and XT Paint Edgers

set of two washable and reusable quality brushes for MX and XT Paint Edgers

set of two rollers and two brushes for MX and XT Paint Edgers

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SOLD OUTAccubrush_Refills_Painting_Tool.html
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Cutting in at the ceiling in particular can be tough to do, especially where there is a great colour difference. Dark walls up against a white ceiling will show every wiggle in the line if done poorly with a free hand / brush method. Even painters have to really slow down and get it right when there is a dramatic colour difference.

You can actually paint cut in lines as well as a professional, at the ceiling / wall corner with this tool - and do it faster! You don't have to go up the ladder for most of the cut in (you do in the corner itself), for standard height ceilings.

The roller holds a LOT more paint than a paint pad, making this tool much faster than a standard paint pad edger.

Taping is not always an option on very fresh paint.  The best light tack, easy removal tapes can cost a lot of money to mask off an entire room. You must be careful to burnish down the tape well or you may after all your trouble, still get some paint bleed under the tape.


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